How Can I Reduce Inflammation?

Contrary to popular belief, inflammation isn’t necessarily the result of an accident or injury. In fact, an inflammatory response in muscles, tissues, skin, or joints is actually an immune system response designed to keep us healthy. When foreign matter is introduced into the body or damage is done internally, our immune system sends special cells and proteins to remove or heal the affected area. In the case of inflammation, it is caused by these immune responses pushing fluids into an affected area, causing excess swelling, heat, and ultimately inflammation.

Inflammation is generally a sign that your body’s immune system responses are running efficiently. However, chronic inflammation lasting more than a few hours may indicate that something more serious is occurring within the body.

There are a variety of treatments for treating inflammation and reducing the risk of chronic flare-ups. These best methods for treating inflammation will depend on your condition and personal medication preferences.

Healing Methods

The most common method for treating acute or chronic minor inflammation is using pharmaceutical, over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen. This medication is highly effective at reducing the symptoms of inflammation, including pain, fever, and muscle tightness.

Those sensitive to prescription medications may consider other traditional anti-inflammation techniques, including:


·    Hot Or Cold Compresses

·    Steroid Injections

·    Elevating The Inflamed Area

Individuals who prefer a more holistic approach to reduce inflation have several treatment options as well.


Many people seek out strains of cannabis heavy in caryophyllene, a proven anti-inflammatory, to relieve inflammation in their muscles and joints. Cannabis has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory, and strains with this particular terpene have been highly beneficial for the patients that use it.

Additionally, various massage, stretching, and even breathing exercises can increase blood circulation and help reduce inflammation.

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